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These desperate animals are against going to the vet

Normally dogs show up at a vet’s place than any other pet. However, this does not mean that they take it easy due to their frequent visits. The reason is simple, every animal is afraid of going to the doctor. This might happen due to the bad association and out of the fear that they will get hurt there; possibly by a needle. As soon as they realize they are going to the Vet, they become anxious and their emotions have left us laughing out loud.

Today we want to share with you some photos of animals that were to be taken to the vet against their will.

So scroll down to look at these desperate animals are against going to the vet.

Don’t worry brother it will be over before you know it and yes it’s going to hurt Bad!!!!


They’re ready to shout, “NOOOOOOOO!”


They’ll even try to melt your heart


Fluffies refuse to get into the carrier, to say the least


But they do their best to manage the stress together


They start to get nervous…


…and beg you to turn the other way


In the waiting room, babies try to hide…


In every possible way


Sometimes they pretend not to be there


Cuties await the arrival of the doctor anxiously


They believe that if they don’t see you…


…nobody can see them!


Only the brave ones are ready to face the doctor


Sometimes they’ll want their buddies to go to the vet with them


Some may even take revenge!


But they appreciate your care and understand that you want them to be well.


They love you, no matter what.


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Benz and his wife Wan recued a puppy that was found badly wounded and scared of everyone

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