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These furry moms will brighten up your day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 40 countries and it honors mothers of families and the special bond between a mother and her children. World-known animal rights organization PETA came up with the initiative of celebrating animal moms on Mother’s Day too. One of the suggested activities implies showing schoolchildren pictures of animal moms with their kids and even printing them out and placing them on greeting cards. This is supposed to give children the idea of the strong physical and emotional bond that exists between all mothers and kids in the world.

We got our dose of love looking at these cute animal moms with their kids. Now it’s your turn to enjoy!

Scroll down to look at these furry moms that will brighten up your day.

How many puppies do you really see?


There’s a place for every child under Mommy’s fluffy paw


This is the actual train of love

train of love

Playtime with mom is always fun for children


Look at how proud she looks at her babies


Being a mom means sacrificing your privacy to a certain extent


Aww… this just melted my heart

heart melted

Sleeping tight with mommy is the best feeling in the world

Sleeping tight

He certainly takes after his mom


Nothing is better than lying on your soft and warm Mommy

warm Mommy

Attention! Cuteness overload

Cuteness overload

So much love in this one picture


I protect you and get u milk drunk always

milk drunk

A purrfect family picture

purrfect family

Showing the early signs of being a rebel child

rebel child

Stairway of cuteness!


Learning the ways of cat-life


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