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These animal photos were clearly taken at the right time

The best part about animals is that they are unpredictable and totally hilarious. Cats trying to destroy a Christmas tree, dogs not willing to go to the vet, stealing food or trying to imitate humans are just some examples of this funny behavior. We simply can’t resist their charm or be serious around them!

We have collected a few amusing photos of our little furry friends that will definitely make you laugh and brighten your day.

So scroll down to look at the list of these animal photos that were clearly taken at the right time.

The cat who likes to play mind games on his owner

play mind games

This is how the best furry friends try to take a nap together

furry friends

The dog who can balance anything on its head; even a squirming turtle


When a Raccoon responds to your sudden proposal of love


You didn’t learn the lesson first time human; Cage me again, I dare you!


This cat’s quirk is that she steals the owner’s slippers whenever the speakerphones are on


The owner thought he was wrestling with his dog but he forgot that he never misses an opportunity to eat


This cat’s logic at the vet; If I can’t see you, you can’t see me

cats logic

Dog groomer took his hair grooming art to a whole another level

Dog groomer

A Christmas tree for cat owners

Christmas tree

I still think he thinks he’s a good boy

good boy

Can you guess which one is taking their first trip to the vet? My money is on the cat


Bumble bee’s backside sticking out of the flower; I laughed so hard at this one

Bumble bee

Tongue competition between dog and owner

dog and owner

Irrefutable proof that cats are liquid


This baby pangolin seems to have something important that he wants to talk to about

baby pangolin

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Animals that will make you laugh hard

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