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Animal friends for those people who are tired of cats and dogs

We think that our pets are cute, we see them as companions, and we share funny pictures of them. And most of the time, cats and dogs are the main heroes of our stories.

We however think that other animals also deserve attention. Just look at how funny they are.

We have gathered a list of animal pets other than cats and dogs form all across the world. Their owners have shared their amazing photos that will make you explore the option of having a pet pother than your typical Garfield or Marmaduke.

Scroll down to look at these animal friends for those people who are tired of cats and dogs.

Turtles can grow with you or even might outlive you


Hedgehogs are actually naughtier than you think


Your time of love is over now cat


This owl is super scared of bananas


Hamster pancakes


Just having a BAT hair day


Pet rat enjoying a movie and some popcorn

Pet rat

When your friends think you’ve been feeding the neighbors to your pet


A happy baby wombat; is it cut or scary, I can’t decide but I keep looking at it

baby wombat

As it turns out, chameleons are the master of every weapon


Wanted to play the guitar, but there was someone living in it


A rat under anesthesia at Vet’s


A lizard birthday; he is clearly enjoying this


This shy owl hides behind its owner whenever there is a visitor in the house

shy owl

He is showing the signs of being a great Astrophysicist one day


Just a lizard that is fed up with life


Follow me and receive everlasting sunflower seeds


He ate a lot and fell asleep, could happen to anyone


This lizard looks as if it’s starring in a Broadway Show


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