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How Animals before giving birth

Pregnancy is the joyous moment for all living creatures. While the human moms have to go through a pain of just 7 to 9 months, other creatures might have to have a bit longer or shorter pregnancy period. Take this for example; Black Alpine Salamander has to carry her babies 2 to 3 years before giving birth to them. That’s a pretty long time for pregnancy and we can feel her saying “get it over with already”.

Today for our readers we present to you a series of photos that show how animals look before giving birth as we also feel their pain. Despite the pain of the pregnancy some of these animals are pretty funny looking when you take a closer look. Some of them look like all ballooned up or with their jiggly bellies.

Scroll down to look for yourself at these funny animals before giving birth.

An elk hopping around in the snow, carrying a baby inside


Tell me what you know about a pear-shaped body

pear-shaped body

See that barbed wire? Don’t come near me, I’m pregnant


Guys, I heard Swedish dads get maternity leave too

Swedish dads

It’s my 5th time. Nothing surprises me anymore…

big cat

No, I didn’t eat too many worms yesterday! But I wish I did


Godzilla’s coming to town.


This baby is definitely gonna be “down to earth.”


One belly button coming right up


She’s got a whole portion of “ratatouille” in her tummy.


Showcasing her tummy like the precious thing it is


I’d sleep standing up too, if I could. Trust me on this one


Bambi? Is that you?


What are you looking at? It’s all fluff! OK, it’s not


Get up, you lazy head! Your brother is popping out any minute now.


Draw me like one of your French girls

French girls

Never seen a pregnant ant? Ta-daaah!

pregnant ant

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