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Teen Spots a Squirrel Frozen In Foam Insulation and Immediately Helps It

Two teenage friends were hanging around with each other in the downtown area of the St. Andrews located in New Brunswick, Canada when they suddenly saw a lot of people standing around one car. Curious by the scene, they went over there to see what was happening and found out that a squirrel was stuck underneath the said car and was in immediate need of help. As soon as the little squirrel was pulled from beneath the car, it looked nothing like that of an ordinary squirrel.

The squirrel somehow got itself covered in what was foam insulation that was used by people to fill the holes in walls and stuff. It seemed that squirrel accidentally ran through some stuff that was recently foamed with this insulation foam. After the foam dried, the squirrel was not able to move.


These two teenagers named Aiden hart and Jaydon Pettipas were immediately filled with compassion for the injured guy and were aware that if they did not do anything soon, he would not be able to survive for long. They ran to a closet grocery store and to an empty milk crate and placed the squirrel inside. After that, they quickly called their friends over for help.

The owner of the St. George Veterinary Clinic named Dr. Melanie Eagan said to media, “after they called for help, one of the boys’ moms also called me at the clinic.

After having the talk with Eagan, they brought the squirrel to the clinic which was 21 miles away from the spot where they found the squirrel. When they gave Eagan the squirrel, she could hardly believe her own eyes as to what they saw.


Eagan said, “He barely could breathe much less move. It was a miracle that he was still alive. He only was able to move his back legs a little bit.”

Eagan started the treatment immediately as she sedated the squirrel and then used rubbing alcohol and a flea comb to get the foam off of the tiny body of the squirrel.


Eagan said, “It took me about an hour to remove the foam and even some patches of the fur were gone with some abrasions left. In the end, he was far much better than the condition he came in.”

After going through this horrific experience, the squirrel actually went to sleep for a few hours and Eagan stayed there to watch over him for that time he was asleep.


After waking up and feeling well, Eagan released the squirrel back into the wild.

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