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Stray dog smiles ‘Nonstop’ after rescuers shaved off her matted fur

Stories about abandoned animals are always heartbreaking and the story of Holland, an adorable puppy with an unfortunate life, is one of those.

It all started on September 27th, when Holland was dropped off at an open-access shelter. Her condition was horrible. Malnourished dog was covered in matted fur and was scared for her life. But the Trio Animal Foundation came to the rescue.

They took the puppy in and started working on her recovery right away. The first step was removing the matted fur. It was not an easy task. To keep the puppy as safe as possible, Holland was sedated for a surgical groom at the vet. The team was happy to find out, that Holland didn’t have any major health issues apart from her skin condition – she had bruises, cuts, splits all over her skin.

At first, after the makeover, she had a hard time walking, but medicine and time helped with that. After weeks of medical treatments and emotional rehabilitation, Holland found her forever home.

This is Holland; the dog who had a tearful past story.



Her story began back in September when she was dropped off at a shelter.



She was in very rough condition.

rough condition


The dog was not only malnourished but her fur was also badly matted. She was scared for her life.



However, the Trio Animal Foundation came in to rescue this puppy’s life.

Trio Animal


They took the puppy from the shelter and immediately started their work to mend her health.



The first step of the recovery was to shave off her matted fur while keeping her safe. For that, they sedated Holland and hired a professional dog groomer.

dog groomer


The team at the foundation was happy to find that Holland had no other serious health conditions apart from skin problems. She had bruises, cuts, splits all over her skin.



After this extreme makeover, she had a hard time walking. However, with proper care and medication, she was able to walk again.



Now with weeks of rehabilitation and medication, Holland is one of the cheerful puppies at the foundation.



She has been already adopted and now will remain cheerful for the rest of her life.



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