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Boys fight off a huge snake strangling their dog

A dramatic footage has surfaced on the internet which shows a whimpering dog suffering from being strangled by a serpent. The serpent was wrapping his body around the hind legs and lower body of the dog.


The video clearly portrays the dog’s yelping sound as the snake tightens its grip.

In the video three boys are trying to remove this serpent from the dog’s body. Eldest of these three boys can be seen trying to pin down the serpent’s head with a metal pole whereas two other younger boys distract the serpent by petting it sticks and leaves.

younger boys

With their initial attempts to rescue the dog failing, boys resort to free the dog with their bare hand. Boys in the video desperately try to free the dog by uncoiling the serpent.


Boys can be seen pulling the serpent from both sides that seem to be clinging to his prey. Finally, their efforts pay off and the dog manages to free himself of the deathly clutches of the serpent.

The dog although terrified came out of this horrid incident unharmed. The fate of the serpent remains unknown at the time.

This video of the brave boys struggle to free the dog from serpent has been widely shared over a Chinese Music Video platform; Tik Tok but the exact location where the incident happened is still unknown.

At the end of the video, a boy holds up the squirming serpent which is larger than the size of the boy.

Tik Tok

The same incident happened earlier this year in Brazil when a huge snake wrapped itself around a helpless dog and started pulling it underwater in a river.

Hearing he yelps of dog, shocked villagers came to aid of the dog. After taking several hits from villagers on the head by iron poles, snake finally let go of the dog and escaped into the river.

Watch the video of these heroic boys freeing the dog from being strangled by a huge serpent down below.

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