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Family finds their lost dog and reunites their son with the dog at his school

Holidays are not about the gifts under a Christmas tree but about who you are with on the holiday. No one seems to know this fact more than Carter Licata and his pet dog named Piper.

The 2 years old Piper is adored by everyone in the family but the bond he has with Carter is really special. April Licata, Carter’s mother said, “There love was the love at first sight type”

However, as the holiday season approached near a tragedy struck the family when Piper was nowhere to be found as she went missing.


April Licata

Last month Carter let Piper with another family dog outside for using the bathroom but when he came to the door, the other dog was there but Piper seemed to have gone missing.

The family searched high and low for Piper and even posted requests on social media as well as community groups. They were praying that piper would return home safe and sound but then days turned to many weeks and they came to the realization that they might never be able to see Piper again.

Licata said, “We were all very sick. The older kids in our house were not interested in Christmas decorations at all and it was a very somber environment around the house on this Thanksgiving.”


April Licata

Then one day out of the blue, Licata got a message from a shelter named Genesee County Animal Shelter that they have found a dog matching description of Piper which was dropped off by someone at the shelter anonymously.

When Licata and her husband found out about the possible finding of Piper, Carter was out of town and they decided to not tell him and planned to surprise him. They went and fetch her from the shelter and kept him around the house for a surprising reunion with his brother.


April Licata

When the family car drove at the school gate and Carter saw Piper sitting on the front seat, he immediately broke down in tears.

Piper was also very happy to see his brother as his tail started wagging crazily. Piper jumped in to Carter’s arms as he stepped inside the car and Piper started giving kisses nonstop on Carter’s face.

Watch the video of the touching reunion below in the video.

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