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Photographers Get A Lifetime Chance to Photograph 5 Cheetahs Who Crossed A Crocodile Infested Flooded River

A group of explorers was passing through the Maasai Mara National Reserve located in Kenya when suddenly saw the family of cheetahs. This family of cheetahs was gathered on the edge of the river. The river was flooded and its current was really strong but these animals did not care about it at all. This family of cheetahs only had one goal and that was to cross the flooded river. Once they made their mind, they really went for it.

The biggest of the cheetahs leaped right into the flooded river’s water which caused the explorers to hold their breath. Soon, 2 other cheetahs followed the first one and as people standing there watched with the same thoughts, will these cheetahs make it to the bank of the river, photographers in the group of people named Buddhilini De Soyza and Arnfinn Johansen grabbed hold of their cameras and captured once in a lifetime scene.

Media Drum Images / Buddhilini De Soyza

The photographer named Arnfinn Johansen said that he had been following this family of 5 cheetahs for a very long time. He said, “This family of cheetahs hunts on both sides of this river so it was no surprise that they wanted to cross the river. Normally these cheetahs would cross the river by walking on the stones near the river. But this year there had been rains far too often and the river got flooded and it made it difficult for them to cross the river in their previous way. They had been walking up and down this river edge for a long time to look for a place to reach the other side. However, the strong current made it very dangerous for them. This river is also the home to the Nile Crocodile and for these crocodiles, these cheetahs can be a really tasty and easy meal.”

Arnfinn Johansen

Johansen said there was a high chance of the cheetah deaths that day. He said, “it is not too long ago when a cheetah got drowned in this river and the crocs killed it when he tried to cross the river. After the cheetahs surveyed the river for a long time, these 5 brothers went in it to cross it.”

Media Drum Images / Buddhilini De Soyza

At first, the eldest of the cheetahs jumped in the river and then 2 others followed him in. after that 2 smaller cheetahs of the group waited for a few moments before the also followed suit.

Arnfinn Johansen

Johansen said that the pack tired to swim as fast they were able to. He said, “You could really see and tell that they were not fond of doing this.” but luck was on their side as all of the cheetahs managed to reach the other side. After the elder cheetah reached the edge of the river, he shook both his tail and fur and even hissed at the flooded river.

Arnfinn Johansen

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