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Thomas Subtil; An Artist Uses Digital Manipulation To Show How Animals Act When People Are Not Watching

We are sure that almost every one of you out there must have heard of a saying in Swahili “Hakuna Matata” which means “No...

Will Burrard-Lucas; A Photographer Photographs The Black Leopard In Africa For The First Time In 100 Years

Will Burrard-Lucas; a photographer photographs the black leopard in Africa for the first time in 100 years. He was never happy in his life...

Amarildo Silva; Brazilian Artist Uses The Used Tires From The Streets To Create Beds For Animals

People often say that there is no beauty that shines better than that of a good heart. As we all know, good deeds always...

Erez Zadok; An Artist Shows What Life With Dogs Is Really Like

An illustrator named Erez Zadok has created illustrations of himself alongside his pet dog “Joya”. This series of illustrations have been compiled into a...

Mogens Trolle; A Wildlife Photographer Found a Unique Way to Show Animal’s Personalities and Its Amazing

Mogens Trolle is a biologist and a zoologist who has been traveling around the world while studying the fauna on the 7 continents. The...

Tender Animal Tattoos That Will Make You Go “Aww”

The art of tattooing dates backs to thousands of years ago. In ancient times, the drawings over body held different significant to different cultures...

Max, the dog recreates Madonna’s iconic photos, and the attention to detail is amazing

Vincent Flouret is a French photographer from Paris who has been working on a project for a long time which is very close to...

Owners taught Their Shiba Inu to paint and now they have sold paintings worth over $5000

Today we are going to introduce you to the dog named Hunter, a Shiba Inu who can create abstract art painting and has thousands...

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Abandoned Russian Brown Bear Rescued As A Cub Starts Career As A Model

We would like to introduce you to a 28 years old bear named Stepan. Stepan is liked in Russia for many reasons. The bear,...

A 14-Week-Old Mountain Lion Cub Was Rescued From Severe Dehydration & Starvation, Now She is Double Her Previous Weight And Full of Life

In these troubling times that have fallen upon our world this year, we bring to you positive mood-lifting content. This piece of content is...

An Owl Simply Flies Inside A Helicopter In-bound For California Wildfires

Most of the time it seems like that our little planet might not seem like it but this world can still be a magical...

Rescued Pelican Couple Shows Excitement After One of their Eggs In 6 Years Hatch

For a Pelican named Mr. Percival, who is living currently at the Twinnies Pelicans & Seabird based in Australia, the last month had been...

Woman Throws Her Puppy At A Stranger, The Man Now Refuses To Give Back The Puppy

Another one of the bizarre women videos has gone viral over social media. Earlier on the last Friday night, a rapped named Glomula shared...

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