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Massive Sea Lions Commandeer Someone’s Boat

Joshua Phillips, who was once a professional player of soccer, was enjoying his boat ride one day when he grabbed hold of his phone and put it on the record for capturing a video that could be explained only as “Highly Unusual”. What he recorded were a couple of gigantic sea lions that were sailing atop a small boat in a majestic manner.

Phillips told media, “When I saw the vessel, it looked a little off to me. As we got closer and closer to it, we realized that it actually had two of the massive animals on board of it.”

This video was recorded by Phillips in the region called Eld Inlet which is located near Olympia, Georgia, US.



There were also reports about a third sea lion also hopping onto the boat for joining his sea lion buddies for a boat ride but he was apparently turned away by the other two. Well, you know the saying that if 2 massive sea lions are dangling on a little boat and look like that it is already about to sink, then 3’s the crowd for such situation.



As for the identity of the owner of the said fishing vessel is still not known neither is known for how long those 2 massive sea lions enjoyed their boat ride for.

But one thing that is clear after seeing the video is that they nearly sunk it. as per The Marine Mamma Center, a sea lion can grow well up to a length of 11 feet and an adult can weigh on average about 1120 kilograms.


Below is the video which was taken by Phillips on his phone and later he shared the said video on his social media account. Since then this video has been seen, liked and shared by thousands of social media users. Well, you see this video for yourself and decide what might have had happened afterward.


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