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Maru; The Happiest Heterochromatic Husky in the world who preten

Today let us introduce you to one of the world’s happiest Huskies. His name is Maru who has a special type of genetic disorder that has left him with Heterochromia, meaning he has two different eye colors. One eye of his is shining blue while the other one is bright brown orangey. This is not all that makes him special. Actually Maru is a Panda living in secret as a Husky.

Unlike most dogs that wag their tails or lie to play fetch in the park, Maru enjoys all the acts of a common panda bear he will make the cutest of the tongues at your face or do the silliest of the Panda wave at you.

He is certainly winning the hearts of thousands of Husky lovers with his cute and special Panda like antics and that is before considering his gorgeous Heterochromatic.

Maru has his own Instagram account with over 175K followers and this popularity bar is continuously on the rise. His hundred thousand fans all have the same questions, Can Maru do Kung Fu?

All we know as of this moment that it is hard to remain without a smile when looking at this goofy looking cutie.

For our readers we have compiled a list of the best pictures of this Goofy dog for you to enjoy.








dog with flower


vimpire dog


two color eyes






funny dog


happy dog


naughty dog




dog hat


watching tv


god sleeping


smily dog


serious dog


cute doggy




cold dog

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