Banner the Hero Husky finds a box full of near death kittens and

Banner is a service dog with a heart of gold. She is the Husky of the woman named Whitney Braley to whom she help s with her disability but also has a certain knack of helping other animals that are in need of immediate caring.

The 3 years old Husky has been with Whitney ever since it was a cub. Whitney trained her to help her with variety of daily things. She alerts to her owners PTSD episodes, anxiety attacks, migraines, guide works, momentum pull, medication retrieval and keeping her from self ham.

Whitney told recently to media hat they do a lot of rescue together. We found our first animal, a bottle baby kitten stranded in a ditch and Banner raised her as her own. That kitty still lives with us along with ten other cats that Banner hasraised over the years. This actually the first time she made a found like this.

What Banner found was actually a sealed card box in woods that had 7 newborn kittens in it that were only a day old freezing to death. Banner found them and alerted Whitney about the situation and led her there. Once there Banner started to grab out each kitten from card box one by one which were left by someone to die.

Whitney told the Metro News that she is shocked as to how Banner knew they were there. These kittens were frozen and near death. They were not even meowing or doing anything”.

Ever since that moment, banner has adopted these 7 cute kittens as her own. Even though Whitney had Banner spayed one and a half years ago, she is still maternal. The babies are put up for adoption by Whitney herself but in the mean time the kittens have certainly taken Banner as their mother.

Banner is a true hero who is dedicated to helping each animal whether they are wild or domestic. Check out the following pictures of Banner’s heroic save of the kittens.

Banner, the 3-year-old Husky with a heart of gold


She alerted the owner of something in woods and led her there


She led Whitney to an abandoned place where a card box was placed sealed


Inside were shockingly 7 little newborn kittens


Someone left them there sealed in the box to die


They probably would have thought that no would ever find them there


Banner since that very moment has never left their side for once


Banner has kinda adopted them as her own

cute kittens

According to Whitney, banner is very Maternal by nature


Whitney has put up these kittens for adoption in suitable homes


Whitney is certainly happy that only because of Banner these kittens will continue to live on


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