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Litter Of 5 Cute Yet Grumpy-Faced Maine Coon Kittens Is Born

The Maine Coon holds the title for being the largest breed of the cat that is domesticated and this makes them very popular. These graceful felines can grow about 40 inches in length and also come in nearly 75 varying color combinations for their fur. These Maine Coon cats have large paws and multilayer fur which makes them suitable to live in cold weather. There is also a theory that these Maine Coon originated from the Norwegian Forest cats because they might have arrived in America with the invading Vikings.


While these Maine Coon cats have many of the distinctive features that separate them from other cats, there is still one that you won’t miss even f you try.


This cat breed has very distinctive faces. In fact, some of them have faces that resembles that of human beings.


There is a cattery by the name of Catsville County and they shared some pictures over their Instagram page. These pictures are of a litter of 5 adorable and cute looking Maine Coon kittens of grey fur. But there is one strange thing that everyone notices seeing these pictures. All of these Maine Coon kittens appear to have grumpy faces much like an old man.


Well, who can argue with this fact as to how their faces appear.  It feels as if they are trying to convey a message with their expressions, like ‘I am Bored’ or ‘I am Too Old For This Crap’.


These Maine Coon kitten sisters and brothers look quite similar to each other in appearance and this makes them hard to tell each of them apart. But whatever it is, they still see very cute and are just as adorable.

This is a video of these kittens taken from the Instagram account of Catsville County.

This same cattery also went viral one year ago with another one of their kittens. At that time it was a 2 months old kitten by the name of Valkyrie. This kitten also appeared to have a face like that of a human being.


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