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Ice Age Dog is Discovered After Being Buried for 18,000 Years In Permafrost

Back during the 2018’s summer, a team of scientists discovered a puppy buried deep into a lump of huge ice located near the Indigirka River which is present in the Yakutsk, Russia. The body of the dog had a full body along with thick hairs and also had his eyelashes and whiskers intact. The entire pup had been preserved in perfect condition by the permafrost.

As per the study on the body, it was deduced that this dog was only 2 months old when it passed away and the cause of the death is yet to be determined. This near-perfect body of the dog is about 18000 years old and this is the oldest record for the dogs in the history of the world. However, scientists are still not sure as to call this body to be of a dog or a wolf because it came from a point that dogs were domesticated.

Scientists are still stumped on the question of whether to call this canine a wolf or a dog.

2 researchers from Sweden named Love Dalén and Dave Stanton believe this body to be that of the earliest confirmed body of a dog. If this is the case then it would be really helpful I learning the domestication of wolves in ancient times.

Love Dalén said, “They told us that the body was found in permafrost but it is common that the things that get frozen in them are only a few centuries old.”

This discovery of still to be called a dog could prove vital in learning about the wolves’ domestication.

Dalén further adds, “When we first saw the body we had a little bit of skepticism but then we did the radiocarbon-dating on it and we were surprised to learn that it was nearly 18000 years old. This changes each and everything. When we talk about the time period 18000 years is such a long time as a lot can happen in the genetics of both dogs and wolves over this much time period.”

The body of this canine is in extremely well-preserved condition, all because of being buried in permafrost.

This pup has been named by its Russian discoverers as Dogor.

A post was made by the Swedish Centre for Palaeogenetics on their Twitter page which reads, “Genome analyses show it’s a male. So we asked our Russian colleagues to name it… Thus, the name of the puppy is Dogor! Dogor is a Yakutian word for “friend”, which seems very suitable.”

The world is now waiting for the new test results that are being conducted on Dogor.

The canine expert on ancient canine named Dr. Sergey Fedorov, who works at the North-Eastern Federal University says, “Our center has the biggest database on canines but we were still unable to determine the dog on the first try. This is really intriguing, what if this body turns out to be of a dog. We are waiting for further results eagerly.”

Dr. Sergey Fedorov comments, “Just imagine this dog has been lying still in the same pose and the same conditions for about 18000 years in ice.”

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