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Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed Hairs

Dogs are amazing to keep as pets but their hair shedding habit is not that great. If you are looking for a dog to keep as a pet that does to shed hairs then don’t feel worried as you have got many options. Although all dogs have hairs that they shed but some breeds of dogs only shed little hair that in some cases are impossible to notice. Some of the dog breeds that do not shed hairs are as follows.


Poodle is the number 7th on the list of most popular dog breeds. They come in size variations like Toy, Miniature and Standard. They are not only smart, friendly an energetic but they are also hypoallergenic as they rarely shed hairs off their fur coat. One downside of this dog is that their fur coat is dense and it needs professional grooming once a week.


Australian Silky Terrier:-

Australian Silky Terriers have long flowing coats but surprisingly they shed very little hairs and their grooming is also effortless. Their hairs are prone to tangling and matting due to being too long so even f they do not shed any hairs, try to t least bush their hairs three  or four time s a week to keep them settled.

Australian Silky Terrier


Saluki is a dog breed that was nurtured for hunting and endurance running. Thy dog has a sturdy build and its demeanor gives off a dignified look. This breed comes in either smooth or coated fur along with variety of different colors. No matter which ever version of this dog breed you have, they shed hairs very little to notice. They only need modest grooming from time to time.



This dog breed has been named as Monkey Dog by American Kennel Club. The dog has a wiry coat fully of dark black hairs. However despite such a dense thick fur coat, this dog sheds very little hairs. They also do not require any professional grooming, just brushing and combing once a week is sufficient. However two yearly trimmings are required to keep the wiry fur coat in check.



This breed is a medium sized African hunting dog with short fine hairs. Its fur coat only needs infrequent grooming. Basenji is one of the top 100 most popular breeds of dogs and one reason is that despite its energetic nature it does not bark.



This breed is to only one of the oldest but also the arrest breeds of dogs. Scientist have made hypothesis that this breed might have been in the ice age without ancestors. It comes in two versions; one is completely hairless while other has a short fur coat with clean hairs that shed hairs rarely. It is popular because of being hypoallergenic and only requires minimal brushing once a week.


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