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Things You Never Need to Buy For Your Pet

Pets might be like beloved family members but in the end they do cost more to keep. According to a survey by American Pet Products Association, pet owners across the world spend almost 60 billion dollars to buy things for their pets. Some things might be essential while others are just not necessary to buy for your pets. Some of the things that you never need to buy for your pets are as follows.

More toys:-

You must never buy loads of pet toys for your pet animals because you will never know if they really enjoy them or not. Only few playthings like a fetch ball, chew toy, tug toy or plush toy will suffice the needs of your pet dog. As for pet they can be happy with either a string toy or a little wool balls.

More toys

Expensive Beds:-

No matter what age is your pet dog or cat is. It can be a small infant or a grown up animal they do not require any fancy bed. Puppies are prone to chew on anything that they can dig their teeth in and that includes their beds too. You can simply DIY a pet bed for your beloved cat or dog or even any other pet. A simple Google search will give you knowledge on how to build one without spending excessive money.

Expensive Beds

Pet clothing:-

For budget conscious pet owners, spending money to dress p their pets is nothing then adding an extra burden on their pockets. Just stick to essentials like buying clothing for winter for your pet dog or cat. Majority of pet animals even refuse to wear clothing as they have been living for thousands of years without need of any clothing.

Pet clothing

Furniture Deterrents:-

Dogs will jump and cats will always scratch. You do not need to buy furniture deterrents like “Sonic Scat Pads” that cost 23 dollars a pop for protecting your furniture from scratch marks. Simply train your pets by use of reward methods and also by providing separate lounging area to your pets.

Furniture Deterrents

Excess collars and leashes:-

You do not need to buy any of the fancy collars or leashes you see on sale or on internet. Any simple looking nylon made collar or leash is just as effective as the fancy looking ones. One thing to remember is to buy collar and leash that will not be easily ripped by pulling pet. Cat does not require any collar at all it’s just a luxury item in their case.

Excess collars and leashes

Pet stroller:-

Pet dogs need daily exercises and long walks for keeping sound physical and mental health. Pet stroller must be bought only in the case of old or immobile pets. These strollers will only cost you hundreds of dollars and no benefit at all. Cats also do not like to sit in stroller as they feel more suffocated and enclosed in a stroller than being enjoying the ride.

Pet stroller

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