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Dog Stops The Owner From Going To Work With The Saddest Of The ‘Sad Eyes’

Today let us introduce you to a Good boy named Teemo and he is from Taiwan. This adorable dog is absolutely a cutie pie. He is not adorable not only because of his looks but also because he is a master manipulator. Teemo is a Labrador terrier mix breed who has recently gone viral due to his Sad looks which are absolutely heart-shattering and charming at the same time.

You all know that dog look which your puppy gives you? Of course, for most of the dog owners, they have to see those Puppy Eyes each day. Most often, they give those looks when you are cutting the salami or when leaving for work. Teemo also gave his sad looks when his owner was leaving for his job.

Watch the adorable schemer in action in the video below.

Teemo is the Labrador terrier mix breed dog that has gone viral quite recently due to his Sad Eyes look.


Teemo is a human lover and a social dog. He always has a big smile on his face and what he hates most is when his owner leaves him behind going to the job. If the owner leaves for work or comes back home from work, he will always find Teemo sitting right on the front door waiting for him with his Sad Eyes. Once, Teemo’s owner had to spend much longer than usual at work due to overtime and the Sad Eyes from Teemo lasted for a full 10 minutes time.

One of the entertainment outlets in Taiwan shared a video of Teemo’s Sad Eyes look and from there Teemo’s followers steadily grew. It was a natural thing to happen because who can resist this little ball of fur with his cute look and sad eyes manipulation. One of his internet lovers commented, “If I had a dog like Teemo I would be working only from home”. Another one wrote, “There is no need to go for any work. Stay home with this good doggy.”

One of the Facebook users commented on the thoughts of Teemo, “Don’t know why hooman has to go for work since most of the food comes out of the fridge.”

Do not get up caught up in Teemo’s antics too much as he is a really happy boy.


Teemo recently celebrated his 5th birthday.


He had quite a birthday bash.


He is truly loved by his owner very much.


Back in 2015, Teemo’s owner created a Facebook page for him. It comes as no surprise as such a cute and good boy has to be shared with the rest of the world too even if in videos and photos.

So far, Teemo has a fan following of 4K people on social media.

As well as his Facebook followers


He now has 4000 followers on Facebook


Nobody is able to resist this cute lovely face.


Be honest; can you?


Of course, no one can.


Facebook page for Teemo read his personality as “Crazy” with main life interest being eating meat.

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