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Wan Xi; A Computer Engineer Created An AI Shelter That Takes Care Of 174 Cats, And Even Has A Facial Recognition System

A Chinese man, who is the native of the City of Beijing was so concerned with the well being of the stray cats that he actually recently built an AI-powered cat shelter which is the world’s first of its kind.

The name of that Chinese man is Wan Xi, who is a computer engineer and also a devoted animal lover. His favorite pass time would be to feed the stray cats and provide them with fresh water to drink. In this recent cold weather, he actually went a step beyond than his usual routine. He built a refugee system for the kittens of Beijing to give them safe, warm and incredibly cool looking cat shelter.

Wan always wanted to learn about the living conditions of the stray cats. For this reason, he approached the animal welfare volunteers.



There he found out that the majority of stray cats could not live past two years of time due to lack of supplies and medical supervision. The data showed that only 4 out of ten cats would be able to survive the harsh winter weather. It is also estimated that nearly 40000 stray cats are living in the streets of China. After learning this, Wan who is an animal lover decided to take an action to help these furry creatures.

Wan told media, “at first I just wanted to help provide these stray cats with a warm place for winter with food and water that is not actually frozen”.

stray cats


Wan’s project grew bigger with time and he ended up creating a high tech AI based shelter for these stray kittens that also works as a temporary vet clinic. The temperature inside of this shelter is mainlined at 27 degrees. It is also equipped with a Facial Recognition System that allows the doors to open for cats only. The camera of this system is so high tech that it also notices any type of illness that the cat is carrying.

This self-powered AI system is being managed by a team of volunteers.

AI system


The inhabitant of the shelter, the stray cats, are provided with not only food and water but toys as well.



Watch this video to see as to how these felines are enjoying their lives at the new shelter.

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