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Animals Taking Selfies That Will Make You Smile for rest of the day

The art of taking selfies has officially been adopted by the animal kingdom, and it’s one of the most hilarious things going viral right now. From zoo residents to family pets, these animals are posing, smiling, and even grouping up for the camera. The resulting photos are both adorable and fascinating, as they provide a window into the private lives of the wild’s most mysterious creatures.

While it’s possible to make pets take selfies by touching a smartphone screen, for more exotic animals, a clever method was created. It’s called camera trapping, which means the photo is taken when the animal touches or approaches a motion-sensing device near the lens. It’s a totally safe and non-invasive trick, and it captures even the most dangerous predators in candid, sincerely funny moments.

One mischievous monkey in Indonesia caused a scandal with her selfie in 2014 after she got her hands on a British photographer’s equipment. The images were stunning, and lead to several heated court cases over their true author and copyright holder. It was finally determined that the monkey – a gorgeous Celebes crested macaque – took the pictures herself, making them public domain. Now everyone can freely enjoy her irresistible toothy grin.

Take a look at some of the best animal selfies making their way around the web right now, and while you’re at it, double-check that your own furbaby hasn’t run off with your phone.

They look serious.

Self-Portrait Of A Female Celebes Crested Macaque, Who Had Picked Up A Photographer’s Camera And Photographed Herself With It

He looks way too happy

Love the matching mouth

photo captioned “this is how it ends”

I’m sexy and I know it


The Angry Chicken

Cool Dog Selfie

Out of Focus Squirrel

The Horsin’ Around Gang

Vacation Selfie Llama

The Duckface Kitty

Dog Who Just Worked Out

Selfie Time

BFF Selfie…We are FABULOUS

Kitten Selfie: The Very Best Kind Of Selfie

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