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Animals who are real jerks

Isn’t it true that everyone loves animals? These adorable creatures have melted so many human hearts. However, they aren’t always like that. Even our furred and feathered friends can have a bad day.

We have made a collection of few animals who were clearly in bad spirits at the moment they were captured in a photograph.

When a cat steals your sleeping place and you are not Dog enough to resist


Dominate and humiliate


The year 2018; The compatibility of cats and houseplants was still at 0%

cats and houseplants

Shut up and swim


So close, yet so far


The woman is more than just shocked


I didn’t know you were going to drink it…NOT


This is Sparta!


My precious!


He is literally a professional dog-sitter


There is only room for one cat in this house


Today I’m taking your laptop, tomorrow will be your life


They say, Order is born out of chaos. You knew that, right?


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