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Dog ignores her owner after she picks him up from the vet

A happy pup named Fritz and his owner named Bret Mortimer take a drive to the local dog park just about every day. So when last Saturday evening when they both got into the car, Fritz thought that they were going to their usual place.

Boy oh boy, was he wrong.

Mortimer is crazy in love about Fritz and his health. This is why when she heard about the oral care of canines, she decided to give him a checkup at the local vet’s dentist clinic. Fritz’s teeth are important for him and so are they to Mortimer.

Mortimer said, “I set up an appointment for him at the dentist to get his teeth cleaned because he is my best friend and I want him to live as long as he can and healthy too.” However, Fritz did not know about this appointment beforehand.

This is when Mortimer went back to pick Fritz up from the dentist, he was not shy to display his dislike about this whole situation. Mortimer said, “When they opened the door he was not just all thrilled.”

As it happens to be, Fritz was giving a cold shoulder to his mom on all the drive back home. He refused to make any eye contact with Mortimer because of what she had made him go through.

Mortimer said, “It felt that this cold shoulder from him was like his way of saying, ‘hey, I feel a little betrayed here, mom.’”

Fortunately, the anger did not last long from Fritz because soon Fritz was back to his former self.

Still, Fritz made sure that he did not forget about this betrayal.

The very next day when Mortimer asked him to get in the car for going to the dog park he was not at all excited.

Instead, he actually looked at Mortimer with a face filled with an expression of suspicion.

But soon after seeing the dog park area, Fritz was back to is happy self once more.

Well, Fritz now you have got a healthy smile too.

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