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This is What Zookeepers Do after Closing Hours

Each year the US celebrates National Zookeeper week and this year a zoo in Minnesota decided to get a little creative. Held between the 16th and the 22nd of July the week is dedicated to the hard work of busy zookeepers all over the US who do their best to ensure animals that live in zoos are made to feel at home, but have you ever wondered what they get up to when they’re not so busy?

Minnesota Zoo decided to show us just that with this hilarious series of photos showing zookeepers getting up to no good. Clearly being around the zoo animals so much has rubbed off on them, because they nail every pose.

Scroll down to look at the photos that clearly show that this is what zookeepers do after closing hours.

When the Beaver goes on Holiday, the zookeeper volunteers

zookeeper volunteers

Learning from the best


How to be an Australian kangaroo

Australian kangaroo

Do these much legs enough?


Where’s the rabbit, tell him I am waiting on the race track


How to ‘Seal’ the deal, pun intended


Sometimes a good rubbing is all you need


Nailed it

Nailed it

Who’s the better mom? You Choose

better mom

This is what friends are for…Not


You and I are no different that much


It sucks to be a turtle; don’t believe it see the picture


All huddled up


Going on a wild safari ride

safari ride

Human watching with the friends


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