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Couple Had a Bunch of Rescue Puppies Instead of Wedding Bouquets at their wedding

Becky and John were preparing or their wedding arrangements when they saw a Facebook ad from the local animal rescue “The Little Guild” on their facebook account. The animal rescue was looking for a foster home for a litter of puppies that they found a short while ago in their backyard. Beck and John who raised baby piglets and cows before, saw the post and said to each other “this can’t be that much different from before”.

The couple decided to foster two puppies from the litter. Their names were Penny and Patch. As puppies were too young they could not be left home alone. Becky and John, who were traveling to get honeymoon supplies from Cabelas, took the two of them along with them. They took the puppies inside a diaper bag placed in a shopping cart and also prepared bottles for their feed.

After that initial fostering of two pups, they adopted their other brothers; Roley, Lucky and Freckles.

When Becky and John started feeding the pups’ dog food, he naught pups would get them covered in food and the couple had to give them baths every day multiple times because the pups like to eat multiple times a day. According to Becky, “it was mayhem”.

Beck and John fostered these pups until all of them got their new homes.

They also used these pups for their weddings instead of taking photographs with wedding flower bouquets.

All of the puppies have been adopted into great homes shortly after Becky and John’s wedding. The pups after the wedding were so famous that application forms were submitted for their adoption with people also giving references from their vets.

Patch one of the early fostered pup by the couple is now living with couple’s aunt. He has been renamed Mo and they do visit him quite often.

Watch the amazing wedding photos of Becky and John along with their foster pups.














pets with girls












cute puppies

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