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A man rescued an injured Condor; now the bid keeps coming back to thank him

Edgar is a man who owns a ranch in the Loncopué in Argentina. But what is so special about Edgar is that he is currently living the life like a Disney Movie as he befriended a bird. This is just not any podiatry bird; it is, in fact, a Condor that Edgar found a few years back in the yard of his house that he had been waiting to grow for a couple of months.

rescue a bird

Edgar told the media in an interview that, “one day back in March, the condor appeared in my yard alone with a broken leg. I approached him and healed him from his injury which was not all that much serious, to begin with. However now whenever I call to him, he comes back to me.”


Edgar further told media that, “I contacted the wildlife authorities and they told me that he appears to be a male bird that was born somewhere back in October last year and has apparently lost contact with its family.”

man with bird

Edgar has named his new friend as “Condorito”.

Although Edgar is happy about befriending this majestic bird, he is still revealed to media that he had no plans to domesticate this bird as Condors are wild animals and that is where they belong.


The bird began to fly after one week of treatment and care and is slowly moving away from Edgar’ house. Edgar said to media, “it still keeps appearing but less and less now. This is what I have expected from the bird”.


With all said and done, this kind rancher is very happy to have saved and healed this bird to live on his life in the wild skies once again.

Below we present to you the amazing videos as ‘Condorito’ comes to thank Edgar, The Rancher.

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