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The Good Dog That Takes The Bus Ride To The Dog Park Everyday On Her Own; Even Has A Bus Pass Attached To Her Collar

This is the story about one of the cutest bus passengers and her name is Eclipse. No, she is not a lady but a cute dog that lives in Seattle and if you are someone who lives in Seattle and takes the bus, you might know her.

This abrogable little girl is making everyone happy wherever she goes. The dog is not only known in the town for her cute personality but also of her independent and responsible life as an adult dog.

One woman from Seattle writes, “Every day, Eclipse leaves her home for taking a bus that takes her to the dog park located downtown. Once at the dog park, she spends a few hours to have some exercise and makes friends and then takes the bus back to her house.”

This is Eclipse; the best of all the girls.

Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog

Eclipse is the Seattle’s loving, cute and bus taking dog. In the hometown, she is known for her strong personality as she needs no assistance whatsoever from the owner if she wishes to visit the dog park.

Each day, Eclipse leaves her home all on her own and then takes the bus which takes her to the local dog park.

Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog

She then spends a few hours at her favorite dog park located in the downtown area of Seattle where she does some exercises and makes new friends.

Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog

All of this started, when Eclipse’s owner named Jeff Young took a little too long to ride the bus and then Eclipse ran over to ride the bus. The bus driver recognized Eclipse and then dropped her off to the usual dog park. Later Jeff also came to Dog Park.  After a few more solo trips, Jeff started to trust Eclipse and let her go all by herself. After a few hours, she would always come back home.

After Eclipse spends some quality time in the dog park, she then rides the bus back home.

Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog

Now the bus drivers also know of Eclipse.  One woman named Robbie Lauren writes about Eclipse, “She makes the drivers smile. Many of the regular bus commuters also enjoy seeing Eclipse each day and let her sit next to them.”

She now has her very own bus pass that is attached to her collar.

Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog

Now the police in the area have given the approval to this independent bus-riding dog park going doggo as long as the bus drivers are happy with this arrangement.

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