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5 Bald Puppies Were Rescued After Being Abandoned On The Side Of A Road

A person living in Vineland, New Jersey was driving his car when he suddenly noticed something that was truly sad and heartbreaking. What he saw were 5 little bald puppies that were snuggled up with each other abandoned on the side of the road. The Good Samaritan knowing that they would not be able to live here much longer decided to help them.

The man immediately called the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter who immediately sent animal control personnel to pick these puppies up. The puppies were in such a rough condition that the officer decided to have them brought to a vet instead of taking them to the shelter.

All of these 5 puppies were suffering from conditions like mange, infections of eyes, open sores on their bodies and swollen feet. Due to them being emaciated, it was clear that they have been treated very wrongly from wherever they came.

puppies were suffering from conditions

After their trip from the vet, they were taken to the shelter where everyone was shocked to see their condition. The puppies had clearly been through a lot but still their spirits very high and they were the sweetest little things that were very friendly. Heir greeted their rescuers with nothing but their immense love as well as gratitude.

Director of operations for the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter named Kathleen Leary said, “Despite the condition they were in, all of them were very sweet. They wagged their tails and licked out faces.”

Puppies Rescued

These puppies were guessed to be at age of 5 and a half month old and re possible a mix of mastiff-cane Corso. They only have some fur here and there on their bodies and are currently receiving treatment for their conditions.

Puppy currently receiving treatment

All of these 5 pups have been placed into foster homes and they are recovering well. They have been named by shelter staff after the Super Mario characters. They are called Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Daisy and Princess Peach.

 pups have been placed into foster homes

The shelter is confident that in about one month time; all of these pups will be ready for adoption. This Mushroom kingdom 5 of the puppies had a pretty rough life but now they are getting the care and love they deserve.

pups will be ready for adoption

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