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Zookeepers wanted two tigers to mate; The mating ended with a dead tiger

At a zoo, the official tried to have a tiger matchmaking which went awry.


The Zoo which tried to have this mating was the ZSL London Zoo the Zoo official said that On Last Friday, a new male Sumatran Tiger named Asim killed the zoo’s beloved female tigress named Melati.


There mating was being carried out as a part of the great European “Breeding Program”. Zoo Officials thought that letting them meet and interact with each other for the first time would help them mate with each other.

Breeding Program

However, unfortunately, after Asim approached Melati, the matters suddenly escalated into an aggressive interaction between these two predators.


Zoo officials told media that any tiger introduction is a high risk. The possibility of a deadly result is not likable but is still a reality. During this aggressive interaction, the Tigers did not seem to respond to the zookeepers attempt as they made piercing sounds, flares, and alarms.


The Zoo wrote in a statement, “Every one of us at the ZSL London Zoo is devastated at the loss of Melati. We are all heartbroken at this heartbreaking turn of events.”

Before the two tigers were let to interact with each other physically, the zookeepers let Asim and Melati spent 10 days habituating each other through their cages. According to the zoo, both tigers showed ‘obvious positive signs’ towards each other.


Unfortunately, the tigers who were domesticated in the zoo, their wild and violent nature won out in the end.


In the wild, Sumatran Tigers have been labeled as “Critically Endangered Pieces” by the IUCN   (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).

In India, the Tigers are also facing the same peril of extinction.


After the loss of Melati, many of her fans reacted at her death news by posting pictures of her with their words of grief over her loss.

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