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Chimp climbs up a branch to escape the Belfast Zoo enclosure

The clever Chimpanzees at the Belfast Zoo, last Saturday, used a fallen tree branch as a ladder to escape from their enclosure. The intelligent primates made the fallen branch into his makeshift ladder and scaled the high walls of their pen at the zoo located in Northern Ireland.


This incident happened after an endangered Red panda went missing after the electric fences failed and were later discovered by a man roaming in his backyard.

Red panda

Some shocked visitors of the zoo described their experience as one of the chimps came out of the bushes and strolled towards them.


As for the other Chimps, they were filmed by the visitors sitting on the walls. This great and unusual escapee ended after Chimps decided to go back to their enclosure.


In the video below you can hear one child screaming, “Don’t escape, you bad gorilla.”

As for the zookeeper, they put the blame over the rennet stormy weather that destroyed nearby tree branches that fell in the Chimpanzee enclosure.

Belfast City Council that manages the zoo, “zookeepers were on the scene as the chimpanzees quickly returned from the adjacent wall and back to their enclosure.”


Zookeeper Alyn Cairns says that the trees surrounding the enclosure have been weekend by the recent storms that allowed the animals to break them and use them as a ladder to climb out.

He told the media, “They are intelligent primates. They are aware that they should not be out of enclosure so they went back in on their own.”

Elaine Monaghan and her grandchildren were in the zoo at that time when this great escape happened.

She said, “Why were the enclosures not checked. This could have ended very badly. This is how close it came to one of my grandchildren.”

She said that she is happy that all of it ended very well for her family.

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