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Woman takes a lost dog on a 1300 miles long drive to owner who no longer wants her

No one could make sense as to how a pitbull terrier mix dog ended up from all the way from Florida to Michigan.

However, luckily this pooch was found back in March by the Humane Society of Midland County based in Michigan. The pooch was picked up by the society and the workers there were happy to find that the dog actually had a microchip on her.

The staff called the number on the microchip and the call was answered by a woman who lived in Florida. The woman on the phone told workers that their dog named Blue was missing from home for at least a week and she also had no earthly idea as to how the dog ended up from Florida to all the way in Michigan. The one thing that she said was that she did want her dog back.

Employees were happy to finally locate the dog’s owner and were eager to reunite Blue with her parents. The made a post on Facebook if anyone would be willing to make a drive to the Sunshine State with the 1-year-old Blue. The plea for the society was picked up by the local media and they made an ad for a driver.

The animal care technician working at the Humane Society of Midland County, Logan Smith said to media, “we got tons of replies from locals who were offering their help. The community was more than eager to help and it was an amazing gesture.”

The chauffeur gig was eventually won by the woman named Stephanie James, a resident of Michigan.

James said to media, “the dog needed to go back to her home and I also had a love for Florida. I also love diving so I said to myself, why not?”

James then took some vacation leave from work, had her brother ready, filled the car with gas and drove from her home to shelter to pick up Blue. James said, “the moment I went to pick her up and saw her I said, ‘Oh, my gosh, you are so beautiful’.”

After picking up Blue, the journey started. James said, “I did not know Blue before I picked her up from the shelter. During the whole trip, when she got tired, Blue would rest her head on my shoulder.”

On a  1300 miles long journey which had many gas stops, some fast food joint stops, a stop for a swim at the ocean and a stay at a hotel, the party was finally in South Florida.

After arriving at Blue’s owner’s house, the woman invited them all in. Blue also immediately recognized her owners. James said, “she ran to them and also through the house and it seemed as if everything was all OK. Then she rolled over on her back.”

James added, “After one hour, the owner of Blue came home and blue was clearly excited to see him as she jumped all around her.”

James said that they then discussed as to how Blue needed up in Michigan.

Blue’s family said that often the dog stayed in a kennel at the back of their home and somebody kept taking her from there.  They thought the person again took her or she managed to get out of there on her own.

James said, “She is a very smart and wiggly kind of dog. They think that Blue might have made her way to a nearby freeway from where someone would have picked her up.

After having talks with the owners for a bit, James was set to leave when the owners said that it was best if Blue would now stay in Michigan.

James said, “The owner said to me that I work full time and study full time so right now I am not able to keep a dog. You guys seem really nice and Blue also seem to like you. You have clearly taken good care of her. And I was thinking, You Guys could have told me this a long time ago.”

After hearing this, James and her brother took Blue back in their car and drove all the way back to Michigan.

James said, “on the drive back, Blue was looking back at her old home. I said to Blue, it’s gonna be alright Blue, we love you. Seeing her look back at the house from the window, it had me heartbroken. I was like, I cannot be upset like this, and this is the best thing for Blue right now.”

James made the call to Humane Society and told them the whole story and that they are heading back. She also told them that she would like to adopt Blue but James’ own house was filled with many other rescued dogs.

As James was on the way back to Michigan, The Humane Society made another post on Facebook explaining what happened in Florida and that Blue was on her way back to Michigan and would be up for adoption.

As James was driving back to Michigan, she was not aware as to how many people were making inquest about the adoption of Blue for the shelter.

After two hours of James’ return, the man had been chosen to adopt Blue was already at the shelter.

Robert Allison, the man who adopted Blue said, “I had my pitbull down six months ago and I was looking for a new dog. My cousin told me about Blue.”

Robert called the shelter and filled their application.

He got to shelter and adopted Blue the very same day, she returned back home.

 Robert later said that Blue has adjusted really with her family, especially his little son.

Earlier this week, James was able to meet with Blue once more.

James said, that Blue clearly remembered her.

James is happy that Blue now finally has a loving forever home. As for her experience, she said, “Honestly I would do that again for any other dog. But I do hope that the next time I do this, the story ends up in a much better situation.

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