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Owner sets up a hidden camera to see what his cat does while he sleeps

Achi is the name of a very affectionate and loving cat who loves to spend its time cuddling with its owner named, Lomphonten Lomphontan who lives in Thailand.

However, the shock that Lomphonten received was that the most adorable cuddle session he has is when he is asleep.

A while ago, Lomphonten decided to set up one hidden camera in his house for keeping tabs on Achi when he was at work. For Lomphonten, the most amazing result of this camera came out when he one night decided to turn towards his bed to see what the cat was doing while he was asleep.

Achi, as it turns out to be, was making himself quite comfortable.

Watching the video, Lomphonten notices that as soon as he falls asleep, Achi gets into action mode. He not only takes this opportunity to snuggle by Lomphonten’s side but to indulge itself even more.

Lomphonten decided to keep the camera on for few nights and he was amazed to see that every night Achi would climb on top of his chest and confirm with his paw whether his owner is seeping or not.

After that, he drops his body on Lomphonten face directly.

The thing that had been happening is that Achi had been choking his owner with his love.

Lomphonten never allowed Achi for these in-his face type of snuggles but after seeing the footage he got aware of the Achi’s ritual at night and his own condition he had been experiencing. All of his suffocating dreams started to make sense.

Lomphonten said, “I sat and watched the footage one night. It was pretty funny.”

Despite being found out by his owner, Achi is hardly apologetic about his behavior and that is still fine with his owner.

Lomphonten said, “I now even feel more love towards him because he loves me like this.”

For Achi, it’s just a show of love.

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