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Summer Vacation places where your pet is also welcomed

While going on summer vacation and leaving your pet dog at home can be a little costly as you to hire either the boarding fees or cost of a pet sitter. However you do not need to worry now as there are several summer vacation spots that accommodate the company of your pet dog as well. Some of these great summer vacation spots in USA that also welcomes your pet dog as well are as follows. We have also added one international wild card for you information as well if you can afford he vacation there.

Branson, Missouri:-

Branson, Missouri offers several of the great options for owners and their dogs to enjoy their summer vacation. For steaming off that excess dog energy you can visit the famous Elmo Rosalea Memorial Dog Park in Branson where dogs are able to run within 1.5 acres of land without a leash. The entrance fee is only 5 dollars plus 2 dollars for a dog. Park also has playing equipment for dogs, watering stations and many more attractions. Branson also offers pet friendly restaurants among which top names include Danna’s Bar-B-Que Burger Shop and Billy Bob’s Dairyland.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:-

Myrtle Beach is famous for its scenic beauty and public beaches which are pet friendly as well. However these places are time sensitive and a leash of at least 7 feet is required by law. The area also offers two Barc Parks which are free of cost to enter with a pet dog. Here your dog can play without a leash. The South Barc Park also offers a doggie lake. The Myrtle Beach State Park allows dogs with leashes on and entry fee for adults is 5 dollars while for kids it is 3 dollars. Dogs are allowed free entry with their owners. Some of the pet friendly restaurants in Myrtle Beach area are Sharkey’s Beach Bar, Liberty Tap Room Grill and Buster’s Real Ice Cream.

Myrtle Beach

Las Vegas, Nevada:-

Las Vegas aka Sin City might not seem like an ideal summer vacation place but it is surprisingly the most Pet Friendly destination spot in USA. You can easily find a pet friendly hotel and many of the dining restaurants accommodate your pet dogs as well. With a 5 dollars fee for vehicle traveling, you can take your dog to Red Rock Canyon. Your dog and you can explore and enjoy the Canyon as long as the dog is on leash. In Las Vegas City, your pet dog can play at any one f these places without a leash on.

  • Kellogg Zehar Sports Complex Dog Park.
  • Desert Breeze Dog Park
  • Centennial Hills Dog Park

You can dine in with your pet at Grapoe Vine Café, Madhouse Coffee and Capriotti’s.

Las Vegas

Paris, France:-

France is well known among travelers for being a friendly place for pets. If you are traveling from USA to France then you can do so without any worry of quarantine or rabies. Dogs are welcome into lodging, gardens, restaurants and bars. Following places which are also quite well known in Paris welcome dog owners too.

  • Jardim du Luxembourg (largest public park of Paris)
  • Tuileries Gardens (garden overlooking Seine)
  • Bois De Vincennes (Eastern Wooded area of Paris)

While dogs can enjoy lunch at La Société, breakfast at Café de l’industrie and ice cream at Berthillon, they are not welcomed and allowed by law to roam on beaches.


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