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Kid Friendly Dogs

Taking in a dog as a pet is like taking in a new family member and this decision should not be taken lightly. When kids are involved in this decision then proper research is to be carried out as some dog breeds are not all best for families with kids. Today we present to you Best pet dogs that are kid friendly and can be a wonderful addition to your family.

American Water Spaniel:-

American Water Spaniel was originally bred as a hunting dog because of its high energetic nature. They are so energetic that if they are not allowed to run whole day they might not sleep at all. This breed is also quite fond of water which is evident from their name. They are impressive swimmer due to their water resistant fur coat. Water Spaniel is very intelligent as it gets acquainted of its owner very fast and always on lookout for strangers towards their owners making them excellent watchdogs for whole family including children.

American Water Spaniel

Basset Hound:-

Basset Hound is also a hunting breed which has now become well known for being a great family pet dog. Due to their low pace hunting nature they are generally slow inside houses. They were bred as pack dogs hence they are quite loyal towards their owner family. With their average weight of 50 to 60 pounds they can accommodate in any living space easily. Only con of having this dog as a pet is that they have stubborn nature towards training and patience is required for training them. They are best for families that have little extra time to spend with a dog.

Basset Hound


Beagle is one of the most energetic, friendly and medium sized breed of dogs that has become a well known choice for a pet dog in American households. Like Bassets, Beagle is a hound and also has the same stubborn nature towards training. However due to their warmness towards humans they are a perfect choice for a pet for people of all ages. They are also a pack breed so once they recognize their owner and its family they will make strong bonds with them and protect them with vigilance.


Boston terrier:-

Boston Terrier or also commonly known as “The American Gentleman” due to the distinct black and white coloring of their fur resembling to a Tuxedo suit. They were originally bred as fighting dogs but their nature is quite opposite to their breeding. They are highly intelligent breed of dogs which is full of energy. Its size is small and can easily be a great prospect for a house pet. Like all dogs once familiar with their owner family they are quite warm and protective towards them.

Boston terrier

Golden Retriever:-

Golden Retriever bred of dogs is undoubtedly the best dog breed as a family pet. This breed is generally popular in USA. They are chosen by most families as pets due to their high intelligence, even tempered nature and easy to train ability along with their natural friendly nature. The only downside with these dogs is that they are quite energetic and need a lot of physical activity for being kept happy. Being another famous breed of Pack Dogs, they quickly familiarize with their owner family. This is one of the best pet dog breed that are kid friendly.

Golden Retriever

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