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Rescuers Come In Time To Save 2 Orangutans From The Burnt Down Forest In Indonesia

The timing for the rescue of the 2 orangutans could not have been more perfect then when they were saved.

Fires had regarded the rainforest located in the Western Kalimantan, Indonesia which caused the 2 of the orangutans, whose home was this forest, to cling to the last of the few trees in the forest. Both of these orangutans were severely hungry and extremely tired and had no idea as to what they must do next.


But then fate smiled at them and some kind people came to their rescue.

A rescuing team from the IAR (International Animal Rescue) as well as the BKSDA (West Kalimantan Conservation Agency) found these 2 orangutans, whose ages were about 20 years old each.  They were later named by their rescuers as Arang and Bara. The rescuers arrived to help these orangutans get off of the trees safely.


A social media and the community fundraising manager with IAR named Philly Kennington said, “Both of the orangutans were darted for tranquilizing them. They were then caught in the net by our rescue team in a large net as they fell off of the tree. Doing this kind of rescue operation takes a lot of skill and immense precision.”


After these orangutans were in the safe care of the rescue group, they were then loaded onto the trucks and the driver took them to the rescue and rehabilitation center of the IAR. Once there, these orangutans received medical care as well as food, and water along with much-needed love.

Both Arang and Bara are expected to make their full recovery after which they will be released into the protected part of the rainforest known as Gunung Palung National Park.


Kennington further said, “Rescuing of these 2 amazing animals and finding them to be stranded with nothing but the devastation surrounding them was really heartbreaking to see for anyone present at that time. The positive aspect of it all is when we saw them getting released into the Gunung Palung National Park safely.”


The fires that occurred in West Kalimantan, most of which had been started by the people there for the purpose of clearing the forest to have land for planting palm trees forgetting palm oils, are still burning. This will lead to more and more animals to be in need of dire assistance. Still, the rescue team is not deterred by this work overload as they are determined for helping as many animals as they can.


Kennington said, “We are simply at loss for words to praise our rescue team and what they have gone through for these past few arduous months. They are the true heroes.  They worked for the sake of rescuing animals 24/7 from the raging fires and also to keep these orangutans safe.”


Now Arang and Bara are safe because of these hardworking and compassioned people and they will soon look forward to being released in the rainforest.

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