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Impressive animals that really know how to get in shape

Deciding to get fit is half the battle. After making that resolution, all you have to do is put on your running shoes and get a move on! Move forward or backward, up or down, fast or slow, but most importantly, move with enthusiasm. Go get your workout clothes and take the first step towards your perfect body.

Here are some pictures of animals gathered by us that will inspire you and help you switch to power mode!

So scroll down took at these impressive animals that really know how to get in shape.

Well now, tell me how you go to the gym four times a week


even roosters play soccer in Brazil


Real cats look graceful, even on the pull-up bar.


Puppy yoga

Puppy yoga

Leavin’ this town!


Double somersault! Aaaaand … oops

Double somersault

Three more laps and I’ll become a terrier.


Two things I want most are to eat and to get fit


I wonder what the size of the goal in this game will be…


Whatever you do, plank is your best exercise


Even this goat surfs. I should go, too!

goat surfs

The first rule of being a successful ballet dancer — stretch as hard as you can!

ballet dancer

Who’s the animal? I’m the animal!


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