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Guide to pet problems and their solutions

Pets are a cute addition to one’s family and no matter how much you treat them like a family member, in the end they are only animals with basic animal behavior. One such animal behavior is their nature to cause litter not only in their living spaces but all around the house which can be quite problematic. We present to you a guide on various pet problems and their solutions.

Dirty pet Cage:- 

Dirty cages of small pets like hamsters or rabbits are filled with little droppings. Cleaning these cages with a damped paper towel is the best way to clean their cages. Moisture keeps these droppings from turning into dust that otherwise will be inhaled. After cleaning with damp towels also dry them afterwards. Otherwise these cages will start to grow mold another health especially breathing hazard.

For a deeper cleaning you can use dishwasher soap in warm water. Then thoroughly clean the cage with help of a bristle brush. Afterwards to clean the corners you can wash it with pressured water from a garden hose. Dry clean it with towel and let the cage sit in sun light for an hour.

Dirty pet Cage

Raunchy Pet Bed:-

Smelly pet beds are another major problem while keeping a dog or cat at home. You can avoid this problem by simply giving your pet a bath once in a week. While giving bath to your pet also wash his bed that very same day. Before washing the bed, clean the shell of bed with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner will suck in all that scattered fur embedded deep in corners. Toss the other clothing pieces in a washing machine along with laundry detergent and odor eliminator for a clean as well as a fresh smelled bed.

Raunchy Pet Bed

Smelly Litter Box:-

Cleaning a litter box I disgusting job but it is very crucial. Pet wastes carry harmful bacteria, viruses and many harmful parasites along with nasty odor. This can be simply solved by making a habit of scooping out large clumps from litter boxes once a day. For more thorough cleaning do it once a week. Dump the wastes in a plastic trash bag and clean the full pan by using dish soap water and a good scrubbing from a bristle brush. After washing, dry it with a paper towel and fill it with two inches of fresh litter.

Smelly Litter Box

Urine problem:-

All of those who own pets like cats or dogs often find themselves facing urine smell and his problem gets very irritating if you can’t find any urine evidence. To find this urine you can use a Black Light mostly sold at hardware stores. This light will illuminate any area with urine. After finding the area of urine, mark it and then apply solution for set in stains to clean out that urine.

Urine problem

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