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Environmental problems that have adverse effects on wildlife

Nearly any one of us aware of the common environmental issue like water pollution, endangered species crisis or of oil spills in oceans. However there are series of some other strange environmental crises that are endangering the wildlife adversely in plain sight. Some of the environmental issues that have adverse effects on wildlife are as follows.

Plastic Albatross Hazard:-

There are 22 species f Albatross found across the earth and among them already 17 are endangered species. They were already suffering extinction and population shortage due to excessive hunting and predation but now they are suffering from something more horrible. The name of said problem is Plastic Islands that are formed in sea.

Many parent Albatross pick up plastic items from oceans and feed them to their young ones resulting in their untimely death. A survey was conducted on 500,000 Albatross young birds and a shocking 200,000 of these young birds died due to dehydration and starvation. In their stomachs there was an absurd amount of plastics which ultimately led to their death.

Plastic Albatross Hazard

Acidification of oceans:-

Humanity is using fossil fuels at an absurd rate since the past century. All that excessive carbon dioxide formed due to burning of this fossil fuel finds its way back to ocean waters resulting in the pH level of water to lower down. The process in which the ocean’s water pH levels drop down to carbonic acids is called Ocean Acidification.

Vast species of shellfish and other marine life like crabs, lobsters, clams and snails are dependent upon the Alkaline Calcium carbonate minerals found in ocean. The increased acidify levels are harmful to their shells as well as to their overall survival.

Acidification of oceans

Gulf Pork Spill:-

Although nearly almost every educated person is aware of the oil spill crisis on oceans but normally very few are aware of the Gulf Pork Spill crisis. Gulf Pork Spill crisis refers to the spillage of the animal waste materials from southern farms are being dumped along the coastal areas. These dumping grounds might be fully checked but still they have created dead zones around them where these waste materials led to excessive fungus growth resulting death of large marine life population.

Problem relating to this has become so enormous that Shrimp Farmers have already reported a significant decrease in their shrimp fishing.

Gulf Pork Spill

Palm Oil Crisis:-

Palm oil I produced from palm tress and normally most of world’s palm oil supply comes from the Palm tree plantations in either Africa or Southeast Asia.

In Borneo and Sumatra, palm oil plantations that were also the natural habitat and a stronghold for Orangutans have been completely destroyed resulting in significant decrease in Orangutan population.

Palm Oil Crisis

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