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Ocean waters at Faroe Islands runs red with blood of slaughtered dolphins

A horrifying video has recently made it o to internet featuring the mass slaughter of dolphins at the Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands

The horrifying and disturbing video features these mammals squirming around the shorelines to save their lives in this bloodbath by cruel humans. There are several pictures of these mammals as they were left dead on the shore line with gaping wounds on the back of their heads.

This mass slaughter of dolphins was actually a part of a horrific ritual named Grindadrap which dates back to 16th century. The ritual performers,; fishermen would lure the dolphins into the shallow waters of the islands where they would then plunge metal hooks into their blow holes in effort to sever their spines.

mammals squirming

A similar incident like this happened last month on this very same deathly island when 150 whales were slaughtered.

The video had been made by the members of the conservative society titled “Sea Sheppards” who filmed this video as a part of their campaign videos titled “Operation Bloody Fjords”. In this recent horrific bloodbath of a hunt, more than 150 Atlantic White Sided Dolphins have been slaughtered ruthlessly.


According to the officials of the society, Faroese have killed more than 62000 whales and dolphins in following of this disturbing ritual.

PETA; the animal activist group released a state saying that; “metal hooks are driven into these mammals’ blow holes before the fishermen cut their spines off. This leads to animal slowly bleeding to death. Whole families of dolphins have been killed. Dolphin and whales are both intelligent mammals and they feel pain just like us human do”.

Danish government officials in defense of people of Faroe to this horrific ritual ruthlessly only said the following words.

“The use of locally available wildlife is the right for the Faroese to use as they see fit”.

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