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Dog Was Taken Away From Owners Who Kept Him In Horrible Conditions, Now Gets A Forever Home

After the volunteers of a small animal shelter named “Naminukai” based in Vilnius, Lithuania, received the complaints about a mistreated dog, these volunteers rushed immediately to help the poor fellow out.

Once the volunteer arrived on the reported scene, they were not at all prepared for the horrible scene that was awaiting them. The dog had been severely neglected by his owners. The dog that was a young “Shar-Pie” mix breed of dog, was chained by the owners outside of the home in freezing temperatures and next t some trash bins.



She was surrounded by her own feces and the trash.  It is needless to say that she was severely malnourished and was even covered in bad skin spots. Her one ye had been completely blind which was a horrific scene in its own self.



The owners of the dog were even so cruel to not give her fresh water. Instead, they had given her a bowl of dirty water which had turned into ice for a long time.



The sight of this dog’s living condition and its health shocked everyone on verge of horror. However, it was only the neglecting owners who were not moved by their behavior at all and were even reluctant to improve the dog’s living conditions.



Volunteers were not willing to let her there anymore as the chances of the dog’s survival were already very slim. They took the dog with them and named her Barsa. This was the moment when Barsa’s life changed for good.



Barsa was given every care she needed to survive and recover back to health. Even the local vet clinic gave Barsa an eye surgery for free.



This touching gesture from so many kind-hearted people allowed her to heal her sight back and enjoy her new life.

touching gesture


After her health recovered, it was not too long that Barsa found herself a new forever home with a loving family.

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