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Cotton; the Homeless Cat Opens Its Eyes For The First Time In Months, Stuns Everyone With Their Beauty

Cotton is a homeless cat who was found alone on the streets in malnutrition state and disease-ridden as it was close to death. His eyes were covered with mange and he was being eaten alive by mites. He was not able to find any kind of food as his eyes were impossible to use. However, the luck was on Cotton’s side and that’s when her rescuer Carmen Weinberg who is the founder of Animal Friends Project Inc. found him and immediately took Cotton in her care.



Carmen told media that, “he could not open his eyes to see anything and mite problem was getting out of control. It must have been really scary for him to not be able o see anything at all. He was skinny due to him not able to see anything.”

Carmen skinny health


Carmen cleaned Cotton up and fed him to restore his health. She also tended to his mange problem with creams, coconut oil, and various other animal antibiotics. Carmen said, “As the days passed, we were able to see his tense body relax a bit. He was finally able to rest without a need to scratch his body so much.”

animal antibiotics sick


Carmen further told media, “Cats like Cotton depends on people to heal as they cannot ask for help themselves. I am pretty sure that many people passed by him seeing him in such a sick state but were waiting for someone else to give them a chance to help Cotton.”

cat food cat health ears sleep food eating


After a lot of care, Cotton after a few months has finally opened his eyes.



The day when Cotton opened his eyes was truly amazing because he had heterochromia.  The vet at first thought that even after recovery, Cotton’s eyes were damaged but they were not.

cute cat bright eyes transformation


The amazing transformation of Cotton with one vivid blue color eye and the other with hazel color; he is now a dashing Tomcat.

Tomcat playing adopt


Seeing Cotton got attached to Carmen, she decided to adopt Cotton for herself as she could not put it on her or Cotton to send him through another major change.

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