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Small sized Most Expensive Pets one can own

Some common pets like dogs and cats might be less expensive to own. However there are still some breeds that are most expensive from the standard of owning a pet. This does not include their purchase cost but also some other cost like following.

  • Special grooming
  • Habitats
  • Can boost home insurance premium
  • Treatment costs

Today we introduce to you ordinary breed of cats and dogs that are small in size but are most expensive to own.

Persian cat:-

Cats are generally less expensive in both purchasing cost and maintenance cost. However the Persian cat can be a little more expensive than usual. Their average purchase price only starts from 800 dollars alone and sometimes up to thousands of dollars and this is only the start of expenses. This breed is famous for its long silk like hairs that needs special grooming several times a year and average visit to groomer can coast about 70 dollars each time. Their squished face might be adorable buy this puts them at risk for various health problems which in turn means huge vet bills. Due to them being at risk for multiple diseases as compared to other cat and dog breeds, their insurance premiums are 25 percent more than usual.

Persian cat


Rottweiler puppies can cost up to 2500 dollars and upwards. They are not normally found at shelters and dog recuse houses. Their long term expenses are quite huge. Their medical insurance alone can reach up to 567 dollars per year. According to experts, a healthy adult Rottweiler can eat enormous amount of food worth of 150 dollars.



There are many varieties for Cockatoos but despite any difference of variety they are an expensive pet to keep. Species like Umbrella or Molucan Cockatoos can be bought from a string price of 100 dollars and up to 5000 dollars. They need thigh quality cage that alone costs 1000 dollars. On top of all this they need toys to keep them away from boredom and turning to destructive behavior that can impact negatively on their effects. These toys can cost 60 dollars a month. Their diet includes fresh fruits, vegetable, pellets and seeds that can cost an additional 100 dollars per month. Cockatoos are huge financial drain on owners pocket because they can live up to 40 to 60 years.


English Bull Dog:-

The flat and wrinkly face of an English Bull Dog maybe a show stopper for the pet shows but it also put one at risk for health problems and in turn huge vet bills. Health insurance for these dogs can reach up to 360 dollars per year. Their insurance due to them being prone to various serious health problems is also relatively higher compared to other dogs. They are also expensive to purchase as a purebred Bulldog Puppy can cost in between range of 1000 to 2000 dollars.

English Bull Dog

Saltwater fish:-

Fresh water fishes might be cheaper but not tropical slat water fishes like Clown Fish and Yellow Tang. They usually cost an average price of about 150 dollars for each fish. You might say price is not that high but their habitat is. They are to be kept in a proper aquarium with saltwater, rock, sand, lighting and other maintenance equipment for aquarium. Expenses like fish food, water and electricity can cost up to 100 dollars a month.

Saltwater fish

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