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A Video of the Cruel Life of a Stray Dog in India filmed with a Go Pro on the stray dog

One of the biggest issues in India is the stray dogs as many of them roam in the streets of the street looking for shelter and the food. Most of these dogs were either abandoned by the owners or had been born on the streets. Most of these tray dogs have some kind of an illness or a disability.

This campaign video was made by an organization based in Mumbai operating under the name “World For All Animal Care and Adoptions”. They made this video to show the hardships that a stray dog in India has to go through every day and is called “#AStreetDog’sLife”. The video since getting posted on YouTube has received over 7 million views and still counting. The video was taken with the help of a Go-Pro camera attached to a stray dog as it spends his day running through streets, getting abuse from the people and rummages through the trash.

While the video seems realistic, a lot of editing has been carried out based on the cruel scenes that these abandoned animals face on a daily basis.

The creators of the video wrote, “Disclaimer: No dogs were hurt in the making of this video. This video has been put together purely with video editing. The scenes only depict the various challenges a street dog faces every day in India. This video is meant to sensitize and change their current situation to a better one.”

The stray dog starts his trail to survive in the harsh world of India.


The dog first gets splashed by the bucket of water dropped by the old lady.


The dog was able to find a piece of chicken but then losses it through the cracks.


As it was a hot day the dog got thirsty and in his desperation tries to drink from a close water tap.


Then he only settles for water accumulated in a muddy puddle.


A drunken person on the streets slaps the dog on his face.


Some children, in their fun, harass the dog.


He smells the food at a butcher shop in a tempting manner.


There he is seen trying to find pieces of meat on a discarded Barbecue stick.


He then settles for a cookie lying on the ground which is covered in dirt and sand.


For a stray dog to not get hit by a speeding car is a struggle which it has to pass every day.


A person driving on a motorbike kicks the dog.


This is the full video of the stray dog’s journey through the streets of India.

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