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Woman Buys A Balut Egg And Hatches The Duckling That Is Now Her Best Friend

A Malaysian woman decided to take a pet but it was no ordinary pet taking. She surprised her friends and family by buying a Balut egg from a restaurant to have herself a pet duck.

The 39 years old Erica Lim from Malaysia is a creative professional from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who owns a delightful looking pet duckling.

This amazing story started when Lim bought herself a fertilized duck egg from a Vietnams restaurant located in Puchong. This restaurant specialized in selling Balut which is a Filipino snack, made of a fertilized duck embryo that is eaten alive from within the shell. Lim bought one of these eggs on an impulse and decided to hatch this egg at home.

Driven by her passion, she made a makeshift incubator at home with help of a Styrofoam box and some heat lamps. She placed the egg inside this incubator.

To her immense surprise, two weeks later, the egg was hatched and she was a mother to a cute duckling.

Lim fell in love with duckling at first sight and that’s when her experiment turned into a start of a wonderful friendship. At first, Lim named it Daisy but then started calling her by the name “Bibit”.

Like all the ducks in the world, Bibit loves water and sneaks into the bathroom often to splash around in the bathtub.

If Lim does not hear a squeak from Bibit in a while, it means that she is up to something. In a lot of cases, Bibit would be found destroying something in the bathroom.

While she has a lot of energy for a duck, she also likes to sit by her mother’s side and watch Netflix.

Bibit and Lim love to watch movie marathons together after all Bibit is a City Duck and she knows how to enjoy a City life.

Lim has also managed to sneak Bibit into cinemas for their movie dates where Bibit surprisingly behaved really well.

Lim also says that Bibit lays an egg every 25 hours, meaning she has an unlimited supply of eggs. Lim shares theses eggs with her friends and family.

Lim says, “Ducks are wonderful companions. My Bibit is very charming and attentive. I do hope that more people realize as to how fun it is to have a pet duck.”

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