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Max, the dog recreates Madonna’s iconic photos, and the attention to detail is amazing


Vincent Flouret is a French photographer from Paris who has been working on a project for a long time which is very close to his heart. The project features his six years old dog named Max,

Vincent starting photoshooting with his dogs after he started volunteering at the City Shelter located in Los Angeles, California. Vincent was working there, creating studio portraits of dogs to help them get adopted.

While working on his volunteer work, he incorporated the glamour of his usual subjects like high fashion models and transferred it over to his best pal in the world Max. As for Max, it turns out that this is just natural.

Vincent told media that, “Max in my priority. Everything is like a game to him. For example, if we want to do a shoot with hats, we buy one, weeks ago and play with it like it’s a new pet toy. So when we shoot for several upcoming weeks, it is fun and games for him.”

Lately, Vincent and Max have recreated the iconic music video scenes and covers of the Pop queen Madonna. The name of this project is “Maxdonna”.

Vincent told media that, “the whole time it took me for this photoshoot was almost 8 months for training Max. I am personally a big fan of Madonna and this project of mine is a tribute to her work and a show of love and appreciation to her. This is not my commercial work; instead, it is a break from it to create something purely for fun, joy, and charity.”

The project is also available for sale but there is a great part about it. The proceeds from the sale of these Maxdonna prints will be donated to Madonna’s own charity named “Raising Malawi”. This charity organization aims to improve the lives of orphans and other poor children of Malawi.

Scroll down to see Max in action, recreating Madonna’s iconic photos

“Ray of Light” Album Cover

Ray of Light dog


“Music” Single Cover

Music cover funny Music cover


“Hung Up” Music Video

Hung Up funny Hung Up


“Like A Virgin” Album Cover

Like A Virgin funny Like A Virgin


“Material Girl” Music Video

Material Girl funny Material Girl


“True Blue” Album Cover

True Blue funny True Blue


“Vogue” Music Video

Vogue funny Vogue


“Cherish” Music Video

Cherish funny Cherish


“Harper’s Bazaar” Magazine Cover

Harper’s Bazaar funny Harper’s Bazaar


“Desperately Seeking Susan” Movie Poster

Desperately Seeking Susan funny Desperately Seeking Susan


“Erotica” Music Video

Erotica funny Erotica


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