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Leny, the Golden Retriever Who Loves Sliding Down The Hill

When it comes to dog lovers, the best of them is the Golden retrievers. This is not only because Golden retrievers are really intelligent and sharp or are obedient enough to be loved by everyone. Most of the time, they are loved due to their goofiness that makes a person go ‘awww’ whenever they see them. Golden retrievers have the ability to make anyone cheer up despite someone being a big grouch. This is why it does not come as a surprise that whenever someone pouts up a funny thing related to Golden retrievers, it instantly goes viral. People can’t seem to help themselves from sharing the curtness and adorable behavior of these cute pups.


Talking about their cuteness, one such Golden retriever named Lenny also recently went on to be viral over social media. Leny went viral over his adorable pastime activity. No, his activity is not about chasing birds or cuddling with his toy. What Leny cannot get enough of is sliding down a hill.


For anyone of you who has done this as a kid, seeing Leny do the sliding down the hill bit, will put a big smile on your face.


He loves it so much that even the snowy times cannot stop him from doing his favorite activity.

This Golden retriever dog seems to be the most adorable and the happiest of the dogs in the whole world. He also makes people happy with his cuteness.


The Instagram handle that features Leny and his cute pastime activity garners the viewing from almost 16.5 thousand followers. All of them are always eager to see Leny go down the hill sliding.

So you watched Leny sliding down the hill, what do you think about this goofy yet adorable Golden retriever? Well, who does to like to see a dog doing such an amazing bit? Surely, it put a smile on our faces.

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