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Dogs with fake funny eyebrows you can’t help laughing at

Dogs lack eyebrows like their human owners. But have you ever considered what it would be like if they have eyebrows to express their expressions? Well no more do you have to fret over this as we have compile a list of dogs with funny fake eyebrows that you can’t help laughing at.

Adding these fake eyebrows on to these dogs has clearly brought out their rue expressions over the multitudes of things that happen in their very life. We are certain that some of the entries in this list are sure to make you smile and sometimes even break a loud laughter. Don’ believe us? Scroll down to look for yourself at these dogs with funny fake eyebrows that you can’t help laughing at.

I think he has found himself a dog nirvana

dog nirvana

Adding eyebrows on this dog made him look like a badass who hates everything and everyone


To me he looks like doggy version of MR Bean


That unibrow makes him look like a hipster from eighties


When you do your own eyebrows and then your ‘bff’ tells you they are OK…


This dog does not like his new look or he was always this mean looking

mean looking

Is that sausage over there?


He seems happy with this new look


Paris Hilton in doggyverse


Almost natural. Almost.


I’m too tired for this shit


What did you call me?…Grrr….


He looks so sinister; almost like a villain


Adding fake eyebrows made quite a Derp Face


This is just cruel; it doesn’t even make sense


Won’t you go out and play ball with me

play ball

He looks hella surprised with these fake eyebrows

fake eyebrows

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