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Dog Doesn’t Realize He Is Being Abandoned, Desperately Tries To Get Back In Car



CCTV footage in Stoke-on-Trent, UK shows one of the tragic and heartbreaking moments when a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, nicknamed Snoop was abandoned by his previous owner in a cruel act.

CCTV footage


Animal welfare officer Natalie Perehovsky said to the media about the incident, “the footage is to be seen to be believed. It is just awful. To see the dog, jumping up at the car in distress as it drives away, it is just heartbreaking. The thing I can’t understand is as to how someone can do such a thing.”

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has started an investigation into ‘Snoop’s’ case after a person passing by the road saw him sitting on the side of the road lonely in the bed that his owner thrown out of the car.

Cruelty to Animals


Officer Perehovsky continued, “The vets traced the chip of Snoop and was traced back to two owners who live in the Birmingham area. However, we still do not believe that they are the true owners and therefore are not responsible for abandoning the dog.”



In the footage, a man can be seen clearly dumping the dog and there is also a second person sitting on the driver seat. Officer Perehovsky says that she is very eager to hear from anyone who recognizes this vehicle, the man or even the dog.”

Officer Perehovsky


Officer Perehovsky further said to media, “the dog was named by the vet staff as Snoop and he is in good condition and is thought to be two years old. He is a white Staffie with black marking over his body. He is a friendly and lovely dog. He is currently being kept at a private boarding kennel until I further look into his investigation. It is heartbreaking to know that someone could abandon a dog at Christmas time. At the same time, we are so thankful to the people who noticed Snoop sitting lonely in his bed and taking him for safety at a vet’s clinic.”

CCTV footage captured the heartless actions of Snoop’s former owners

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