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Meet Kazou; a Blind Cat Who Sees With His Heart

Today let us introduce our readers to a cat named Kazou. Kazou is a permanently blind cat who was born with this ability. The cat became blind after he was found as a kitten and his eyes were badly damaged from the cat flu. Sadly the condition was so worse that hoi eyes could not be saved and they had to be removed surgically.

However, while this might stop many animals from living their full life, it has not stopped Kazou in the least.

Kazou is not only a sassy cat but is also a curious and a fearless cat. He chases bumblebees just sensing them with his sense of smell and hearing. He loves to spend time outdoors and he has his own cat proof garden where he likes to lie down and enjoy sunbathing on his belly.

Everyone who has ever met Kazou is amazed by his sheer will power and his thrill to live life to its fullest despite a major handicap. His owner says that even if he is eyeless, he still sees the world with his heart. We are all also certain that he can.

Today for our readers we have gathered a bunch of amazing photos of Kazou playing outside.

So scroll down o look for yourself at the will of this brave cat who is living the life to its fullest even with a great disability, the disability which might have depressed the humans have not influenced the cheery attitude of this lovely cat.

# 1

Blind Cat 1

# 2

Blind Cat 2

# 3

Blind Cat 3

# 4

Blind Cat 4

# 5

Blind Cat 5

# 6

Blind Cat 6

# 7

Blind Cat 7

# 8

Blind Cat 8

# 9

Blind Cat 9

# 10

Blind Cat 10

# 11

Blind Cat 11

# 12

Blind Cat 12

# 13

Blind Cat 13

# 14

Blind Cat 14

# 15

Blind Cat 15

# 16

Blind Cat 16

# 17

Blind Cat 17

# 18

Blind Cat 18

# 19

Blind Cat 19

# 20

Blind Cat 20

# 21

Blind Cat 21

# 22

Blind Cat 22

# 23

Blind Cat 23

# 24

Blind Cat 24

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