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Animals with unusual mating tactics

Animals unlike humans have different rituals for mating with each other. Attracting a female in animal kingdom cannot always be appealing sight. Animals have developed different mating rituals over the course of their thousand years of evolution process and some of these mating tactics are not at all romantic. For our readers today we brought you few of the animals with unusual mating tactics and rituals.

Bird of paradise:-

Bird of Paradise is known for its dance moves in the wilderness. To attract a female for mating, male Bird of Paradise has to go through lot of effort. Their unique dancing moves are passed from father to child through generations. These dances moves are further refined by newer bird generations. Birds of paradise use these inherited dance moves to attract females for mating rituals. Male birds move their feathers upwards in a manner like lifting a skirt before performing their dance. Females watch this dance from sitting high above branches of trees.

Bird of paradise


Bowerbirds are quite romantic creatures when it comes to mating. They pay a great attention towards the mating area as mating ritual. They are known s Bowerbirds because for attracting a female they make exquisite bird structures called Bowers. These bowers are made from twigs and the floor is lined with stones, shells and bones. Furthermore they decorate this bower with shiny metal objects found from either jungle or from human population along with flower petals.


Praying mantis:-

For male praying mantis mating ritual is quite a deathly ordeal as he gets to be eaten by the female mantis during mating. Usually in mantis species, female attracts the male mantis by releasing her special pheromones. It depends solely on the luck of male mantis, as to whether his head is going to be bitten off or not even before mating. Some males are however lucky enough to get away uninjured. Eating the male is necessary for female mantis, as these males make up for 60 percent of their diet. Female who eats a male during mating lays more eggs.

Praying mantis

Red Garter snakes:-

Competition for mating in red garter snake species becomes a whole lot messier than any other animal species. At the time of mating around 100 male red garter snakes go after a single female. In this mating ritual female is in the middle of huge ball of snakes.

Red Garter snakes


Giraffes are courteous animals when it comes to mating. They always confirm if female is ready for mating or not. The method by which male giraffes confirm this is rather displeasing. They do so by drinking the female giraffe’s urine. After confirming that female is ready to mate, one or more male giraffes compete with each other by swinging their necks.


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